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  • October 12, 2017

Customer Stories - Meet Elizabeth Dings

As an actress, teacher and full-time fashion enthusiast, Elizabeth Dings ensures her sophisticated taste plays a lead role in everyday life. Never missing an opportunity to make a statement, this Bostonian seamlessly moves from classroom to green room without sacrificing style. Whether it's Missoni in Miami or Chanel in London, Elizabeth shares her tips and tricks to effortlessly evolving her wardrobe piece by piece.


Q: Sum up your style in one word.

A: Sophisticated.

Q: How does your occupation affect your wardrobe?

A: I am in SAG and also teach at a local school. In 2016, I was on the SAG nominating committee, a great honor that inspired my style choices.
My everyday work clothes need to be practical yet upscale. I like to be able to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Classic Burberry never goes out of style and is versatile in that it can be worn to formal and more casual occasions. My black Balmain blazer and Louboutins are go to pieces for dinners out!

Q: Do you have any memorable experiences in any of the clothes you’ve traded in with us?

A: All pieces I’ve traded in are pieces I’ve worn while traveling and being abroad. I love traveling and shop for each trip beforehand. Every outfit, along with accessories, are planned to the day, minute and even hour! I wore my Missoni maxi dresses in Miami, my red Chanel dress in London and my leather Louboutins at black tie events.

Q: How did you hear about Material World and why did you decide to trade-in with us?

I found Material World online. I like the ease of the Trade-In service and amazing customer service. In the sea of Trade-In services, I trust Material World.

Q: What’s one thing you do to stay positive?

A: Friends, family and coffee gives me positivity and keeps my morale high! For positive energy, running, rowing and weightlifting are always my go-to sports. Also, never underestimate the power of a simple outfit with polished nails and awesome accessories to give you a little positivity booster!

Q: How has trading in with us impacted your shopping habits?

A: Trading-in has definitely helped me evolve my style. I’ve also become braver in letting go of pieces to make room for something new. I particularly enjoyed trading-in some of my “never go out of style” pieces such as a gray Donna Karan top, skirt and leggings.

Q: What’s your trademark piece?

A: My trademark piece is my black and gold Chanel CC Cuff. I remember it catching my eye in the store window while shopping on Newbury Street in Boston. I haven’t been able to live without it since!


Q: Out of the clothes you traded-in (or, will trade-in), does one piece come with a story?

A: Yes! I’ve traded-in pieces which hold great memories! I wore a black Gucci military style dress with silver buttons and a large silver Tiffany cuff with a black and silver Gucci clutch and purple Christian Dior glasses to the premier of Black Mass. My youngest son came with me and that was the best part of it all.

My older son graduated from UVM this May and I decided to wear green and gold in honor of UVM’s colors: Marmont Gucci suede sandals, a green Gucci Marmont bag and a white dress to celebrate in style!    

Q: How has your clothing style evolved over the years?  Why?

A: While my style has evolved and I like keeping track of new trends, I also try to be more traditional and buy for the long run. I buy quality items only, as I know that these pieces will never go out of style. I make sure to take inventory of each clutch, bag, belt and boots I own! Nothing ever goes to the landfill and each piece is recycled in some way. I believe high quality clothing is "greener" as it lasts longer so it's worth the investment.



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