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  • August 14, 2018

5 Tips To Maximize Resale Value

Quality fabrics, innovative design and excellent craftsmanship are just some of the qualities that set designer garments apart from mass-produced clothing. There is a reason we call these high-end treasures “investment pieces.” The power of purchasing luxury items is not only that they can stand the test of time but they can also be passed on or sold to others.

At Material World we are passionate about promoting the circular economy movement and believe that designer garments should be showcased to their full glory by reselling and recycling. In order to share our enthusiasm and help you get the top value for your designer clothes, today we are going to share our expert designer resale tips with you.

Material World's Designer Resale Top Tips:

#1 - Protect Your Handbag. Designers are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality, most exotic and luxurious materials for their handbags. A designer bag is a true investment piece, but to retain its value, impeccable care must be taken to avoid damages. We recommend storing the bag in its original dust cover to avoid scratches and stains, treating leather with products to keep it in mint condition, and refraining from putting the bag on the floor. And rule number one? Avoid staining the lining with pens or make up. Make a habit of carrying cosmetics in a makeup pouch, keeping lids on pens and storing them in a pencil case to keep them from leaking.   

#2 - Be Well-Heeled. They say you can judge a person's character by the shoes on their feet.  By keeping your shoes in perfect condition, you are not only making a good first impression, you are increasing your shoes’ resale value. We recommend getting shoes resoled often, storing them in their boxes, using shoe trees, and if they are leather, treating them regularly to keep the material supple. You can even take the step to elongating the lifespan of your shoes by getting them resoled before you ever wear them. This will keep them looking smart and stylish for much longer.

#3 - Take Advantage of Trends. While style is eternal, fashion trends come and go. So, if those recently purchased Prada flats are sitting unworn, we recommend using their newness to your advantage.  Reselling designer clothes from a recent season will maximize the desirability of that item and also increase the chances of being quoted a higher price.

#4 - Preserve the Fabric.  By taking steps to preserve a garment, you will reap dividends when you resell it. We recommend laundering the item correctly, which means splurging on dry cleaning if required, treating spills the moment they occur and storing the item correctly away from sunlight, damp, moths, humidity, and other damaging elements.

#5 - Retain Proof of Authenticity. Our team of merchandisers are expertly trained and can spot a counterfeit item from miles away. However, we highly recommend keeping any documents that validate your item so that its authenticity is easier to prove. The more proof we have, the higher the quote.

What’s hiding in your closet?

While money is the most obvious benefit of trading in your designer clothes, perhaps the most rewarding benefit is supporting a sustainable fashion economy. With this advice, take a look at what’s inside your closet and use our trade in service to recycle the clothes you no longer wear. By using your Material World credit to fund your next Material World Box purchase or the next item on your wish list, you’ll keep your style evolving.


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