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  • June 27, 2017

Fitz Stylists Ali and Maggie

Fitz stylists are like wardrobe magicians. They, like us, believe that life is too short to stare at your closet every morning. So, they offer at-home consultations to help you figure out how to slim down your wardrobe. Two Fitz stylists visited the New York City apartment of Material World co-founder Rie. They were working with an already organized woman, but they still managed to help Rie let go of 128 items! Rie, glowing after the session, told us she felt “amazing, so relieved, so happy.” We wanted a sip of that Kool-Aid ourselves, so we interviewed the stylists to learn more about their magic tricks.


What’re your names?


Ali and Maggie.


Everyone is so unique.
How do you get to know someone’s individual style before digging into their closet?


Before each appointment we send them a survey, which includes questions like: How would you define your style? Do you have a style icon? What’re your favorite colors? What’re your favorite brands? What’s your day to day like? Then we will go into more detail in person. What’s your day-to-day like? Body consciousness is also important to consider. It’s their style and we’re here to help them define it.



How many items should a person have in their closet?


There’s no exact number, really. It’s different for everybody. People have different lifestyles and need different wardrobes. It’s very on trend right now to have a minimalist closet, but that doesn’t work for everyone.


When deciding what to keep or get rid of, what should we ask ourselves?


When was the last time you wore this?

Does it spark joy in your life?

Do you feel good when you wear it?

What do you love or dislike about it?

Can you wear it differently?


What are some items that ought to be in a basics collection?


A good blazer, a moto jacket, black skinny pants, a pencil skirt, a cashmere sweater, a white button down, easy tees. It’s important to have a good pair of jeans - whether cropped, flared, skinny is up to you. Shirt dresses are very useful because you can wear them transitionally. We’re big into fashion sneakers right now that can be worn formally and casually. And a nude sandal can be ultra versatile.


Do basics have to be black, grey, and white?


No way! You can have fun basics. For example, blush and pinks are popular right now. Someone’s go-to color might be black, while someone else’s might be dark purple. It’s more about having pieces that are versatile.



How should you feel in your everyday wear?


Confident and comfortable (and professional when at work) because you will never look your best if you’re not confident. Your clothing can totally affect your overall mood.


What about items that are super sentimental?


Sentimental stuff is something we are sensitive to. We might suggest putting some away and storing them. If it’s a basic white tee, though, that is old and yellowed, we might suggest replacing it.


What are some items you showed the door?


She passed on some blazers and jackets that were a little uncomfortable, some sweaters that just no longer fit her lifestyle, dresses she wore once and never again, and some trend pieces that no longer worked for her.


What are some impacts of having an organized closet?


It makes getting dressed easier. When you get organized, it’s easier to stay organized. We find that a lot of people feel freer once they’ve edited their closet. It’s like a cleanse and often inspires people to edit other areas of their lives.

And after the appointment?


We make a list of the items that each client is missing. It’s a different list for every person. Rie, for example, needs to add an updated denim jacket, a good striped buttondown, a classic striped tee, more colorful sweaters, and a chambray.


Thanks Ali and Maggie!



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Fitz stylists are like wardrobe magicians. They, like us, believe that life is too short to stare at your closet every morning. So, they offer at-home consultations to help you figure out how to slim down your wardrobe.  At the end of a 3-hour session you will have a professionally organized closet, a bag of clothing ready for resale, and a big cheesy smile on your face.

We chatted with two Fitz stylists about how they transformed Rie’s closet.