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  • July 26, 2018

How to Reduce Your Fashion Footprint in 4 Simple Steps

According to recent studies, the average American produces 80lbs of textile waste each year. Even worse, a shocking 85% of this waste ends up in landfills. Fashion is the world’s second largest polluter (after the oil industry) and only 1% of clothing ever gets recycled. With an understanding of the toll that “fast fashion” is taking on our planet, many savvy consumers are now choosing to invest in garments that will stand the test of time.

What steps can we as individuals take in order to decrease the amount of clothing waste that occurs each year? Here are a few suggestions:

Think before you buy. Next time you are faced with a purchase decision, ask yourself these key questions: Do you really need it? Will it work well with other items in your wardrobe? Does it fit well or can it be easily tailored to suit your body? If the answer is yes to all the above, then that item has won its place in your closet.

Skip end-of-season clearance sales. When the prices drop, the items in our shopping cart tend to multiply. However, an overflowing closet just isn't sustainable. So, by buying less, fewer garments get discarded which creates a whole cycle of conscious shopping.

Buy quality materials. The adage “quality over quantity” certainly holds true when it comes to fashion. A good fitting, well made garment will not only make you look a million dollars but also make you feel that way too. Make your closet work just as hard as you do and the rewards will be bountiful.

Upcycle your wardrobe. If if you're not reaching for that cashmere sweater that you bought 3 months ago, consider swapping it out for something you will wear. Platforms like our very own trade in service make it even easier to unload unwanted items in exchange for money to fund your next shopping spree.

Our goal in setting up Material World was to create a brand where women could feel empowered by the clothes they wear and proud of their contribution to preserving our planet. Our model reflects our commitment to making fashion a positive and healthier industry by reducing its carbon footprint without compromising on elegance and sophistication.

Preserving the painstaking work and the legacy that is interwoven within the seams of a designer garment makes fashion a luxury that lasts. Donating, reselling or upcycling will breathe new life into unwanted garments and in turn reduce the toxic impact the industry has had on our planet.

It has never been easier to reinvent your style as well as your wardrobe, and, when you are using money earned from trading in last season's Prada, you are protecting the environment while looking stylish in the process. It is a win, win!


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