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  • Update
  • March 25, 2020

How to request at-home pickup with FedEx

We are currently offering FREE at-home pickup as a one-time service for all Material Box customers and will cover the cost of pickup for all first attempts. 

If a first pickup is attempted but fails we will charge $8 for subsequent attempts in order to help cover the costs of the service.


How to request a pickup:


1. Read the pickup instructions below.

2. Enter your home address and pickup information. Then enter the last 12 numbers that appear on your return label enclosed with your Material Box into the “Tracking ID from label” field.


3. Enter your pickup date and instructions.

  • You can schedule a FedEx Ground return pickup for Monday-Friday for business locations or for Tuesday-Saturday for most residential locations.

  • The pickup window for Business locations is 8am-6pm and for most Residences 8am-8pm. Use the special instructions to request an alternative time frame or other pickup comments. These requests are not guaranteed to be accommodated.

  • If you prefer no-contact pickup, please note as much in the instructions and leave your package outside your pickup location at 8AM.


4. Once you submit the info, you will see a popup message and will then be redirected to a confirmation page like the following:



5. FedEx will pick up your Box returns as instructed. Please make sure to leave your package outside by 8AM on the date you’ve scheduled.

6. Request at-home pick up here.

Make sure to enter your home address!



If you have any issues or difficulties scheduling your at-home pickup, please reach out to for assistance.