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  • September 7, 2018

How Women's Consignment Shops Influence the Way We Shop & Sell Clothes Online

Nearly 15,000 people type “sell clothes online” into Google each month while more than 18,000 hunt for “cheap online clothing stores” via the search engine. Thousands more search for “places to sell clothes near me” and “where to sell used clothes for cash.” Many others are googling for “trendy clothing websites” and the “best online shopping websites.”

In 1985, Madonna wore a deep pink satin gown that the superstar pranced around in during the "Material Girl" music video. In 2014, the dress sold for $59,375. That buyer knew a good investment and that seller understood when it was time to sell to the highest bidder. In that same virtual vein, Material World is helping both buyers and sellers shop and sell clothes the millennium way: Quickly. Ethically. Conveniently. Stylishly. Intelligently.

Material World customers are dedicated to hunting down unique, stand out pieces that contributed to their hand crafted, carefully styled closets. They not only love the convenience of the Material World trade-in service, but also how the concept parallels their ethical lifestyle choices. The luxurious styles found via Material World help Material Box subscribers build and elevate their designer closets in a conscience way, while helping sellers practice responsible recycling.

While the idea of the thrift shop consumer may conjure up all sorts of images in your head, times have changed. Many of today’s consignment customers are professionals who bring in $125,000 or more per year. Yet, Savvy and intelligent buyers will refuse to pay $5,520 for a swanky new Chanel cocktail dress. Instead, a consignment purchase of the same gown for $1,100 would leave room for investments elsewhere. That’s why 71% of second-hand shoppers own their own homes. One of the ways they are smart with their money is by not paying exorbitant rates for their stylish selections.

Sell your clothes faster and easier online with Material World

Not only do fashion investors, admirers, and connoisseurs want to shop online easily for discounted designer looks, they also desire more functional ways to sell the worthwhile items hanging in their closets. If you are not reaching for that silk shirt you bought last season, then consider upcycling it for an item you will really love.

Well, help is here. Material World gives sellers a better way to sell clothes from home, rather than attempting to sell clothes through an app on a piecemeal basis. Let’s face it, many of us designer clothing aficionados know that the best place to sell clothes for cash online might not be the most popular web retailers that are oversaturated with everything from Keurigs to iPhone X dongles.

Even if we do recognize a Prada from a Pucci, it doesn’t mean we have the time or inclination to sell designer clothes online by individually photographing each item in pretty lighting that we may have scored for a bargain at our local second-hand store.

Instead, Material World sends you a free label or trade-in kit that allows you to put all those pretty purchases in one box and ship it off conveniently. We’ll make you an offer and once you accept it, you can get paid right away via PayPal, or choose to use your earnings as box credit towards more designer garments, earning you 10% more.

Material World offers you a different kind of trade-in process, one unlike any other before seen from a site that specifically curates your luxury, designer closet. Whether you’re an investor or seller, expanding your closet and style through Material World not only is kind to your bank balance but also to the environment, making consignment shopping a no brainer!



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