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  • May 12, 2017

Why We're Better Than Online Consignment

Online consignment is when you give your something to a virtual consignment shop (website), wait for them to sell it, then receive back a percentage of the sale price. Online consignment is changing the way we manage our closets and is helping us move toward a more circular economy of trading, rather than buying new. The downside is that consignment deals can be confusing and can come with a seriously long wait. A typical online consignment process can look something like this:

1. Pack up your designer clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Say goodbye (who knows if you’ll see them again!) and ship them to the consignment service.

2. Now, get ready to...wait...and keep waiting. Two months later you’ll remember (“Oh sh*t!”) that you sent in your items and you’ll wonder what happened to them. Did they get lost in the mail? Is someone in the post office wearing my Vince heels at this moment? It could be up to six months before your items sell.

3. Yay! Your item sold. Now, where’s the money at? You might have to wait another few days to a month before you receive your payment. Then, heyo drinks on you!

4. Sorry to burst your bubble. Unless you’re Sienna Miller, there’s a chance your item doesn’t sell. In that case, you may have to pay a processing fee and return shipping to get your items back. Hmpf...

So, consignment is not super ideal. I mean...the wait and the uncertainty about where your items are in the universe? No thanks! Let’s talk about some other options. Enter...Material World, online luxury resale without all the lame parts of consignment.


Why Is Material World a Better Option Than Online Consignment?


Where to start? We offer a no fuss, transparent, and risk-free Trade-In service, which you can utilize to seamlessly evolve your wardrobe. There is no waiting or wondering, and you remain in control. If you accept our offer, great! If not, we can send your items back for free. Here’s what trading in with us looks like:

1. Pack up your gently worn designer clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories in our free Trade-In Kit. Our expert authentication team will examine each item for quality, authenticity, and brand acceptance (we accept over 300 brands).

2. Within a few days of receiving your Trade-In Kit, we will send you an individual offer for each item.

3. Accept our offer and immediately use your earnings to shop! Your earnings will be added on the spot to your very own Fashion Trade-In Card. You will have over 700 retailers, including Bloomingdale’s, Intermix, and Shopbop, to choose from. Or shop pre-owned on our site.

4. If you decline our offer we’ll be bummed, but that’s certainly not a problem. Our risk-free service empowers our users to request any items to be returned free of charge. Oh, and shipping’s on us! You can also choose to donate the items to Housing Works, our non-profit partner (more on them

Unlike other online consignment services, we respect your time and will never waste it. We’re on a mission to empower you through your wardrobe and to give your unwanted clothing a second life. From our sharp authentication team (seriously, they have a sixth sense for real Prada) to our super helpful customer care squadron, we take pride in providing you personalized care and a seamless experience. We’ll handle yesterday’s fashions so you can focus on tomorrow.

Ready to join our Trade-In community (55,000 sellers strong)?

The first step is ordering your free Trade-In Kit.


We hope this clears things up, but if you have more questions poke us at