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  • June 30, 2017

Closet Evolving Challenge : Part 2

Welcome back! This 4-part challenge is all about shedding the excess and slimming down to a wardrobe that reflects who you are and where you’re headed. As you evolve, your wardrobe should too!

In Part 1 we defined your basics collection. Now, in Part 2 we focus on your bolds and creative ways to style them. Nicole, our ever-cool Merchandising Manager, spent an afternoon helping our co-founder style the bold pieces in her collection. Minimalists can have fun too!


Basics vs Bolds

Your ultra-versatile basics - your plain t-shirts, blazers, and denim - are the foundation of your wardrobe and can be worn with pretty much anything in your closet. Your bolds, on the other hand, are your fun pieces, y’know, the life of the party pieces! You might not wear them every day, but you turn heads when you do! Packed with style and color, they are potent and energize your wardrobe. You might even wear your basics and bolds together, like a colorful Missoni dress with a classic blazer, or a ruffled, floral skirt with a white t-shirt and ballet flats. Big impact starts with a bold statement!


Like most New Yorkers, Rie has lots of black in her basics collection. She brightens it up with a playful pattern and shape.  Here getting casual with denim and  breezy woven sneakers for summer.


Align Your Goals with Your Style

Make sure you have the right clothes for the job. Let’s start by jotting down your goals for the year. Think about specific, actionable goals that you want to achieve this year: apply to law school, ace an interview for a new job, buy a Peloton bike, use that Peloton bike, fix up a motorcycle, go on a safari, or run for local office. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, the right wardrobe can help you get there. Looking the part is one step toward living the part.

An easy way to spice up a drab work outfit is by incorporating your bold pieces. Equipment makes amazing silk button downs in every color and pattern that can be easily paired with a skirt suit for a polished, yet colorful look! Play around with accessories, like jewelry and silk scarves, to add some sparkle and color.


Rie’s goal for the year is to grow Material World and her family. Nicole showed her how to adapt and style her favorite pieces for pregnancy, so that she can feel comfortable and look professional.  Here that same top is paired with black pants and a blazer for a business ready, but fashion forward look.



Refresh Your Wardrobe

Circulating bold pieces in and out can help freshen up your wardrobe when it begins to feel stale. Thanks to fashion resale sites, like Material World, it’s simpler than ever to find pieces that you adore, enjoy them, then pass them on. If you haven’t worn an item in a few months and it doesn’t spark joy anymore, it’s time for it to go. Take the first step and order a free Trade-In Kit. Out with the old, in with the bold.


Rie’s best summer piece is her printed Marni dress - super bold and super versatile. It can be dressed up with heels and a Mansur Gavriel bag.


Best Bolds for Summer

One-shoulder and off-the-shoulder tops are IN this season! The most popular are adorned with ruffles, wrap at the waist, or have a pattern to offset the dramatic shape. Per usual, handbags are top sellers this season, Gucci’s Dionysus bag being the main heartthrob. We are obsessing over the neon green Proenza Schouler tote too!


Or styled down with a denim jacket and Rie's signature white sneakers.




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