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  • June 16, 2017

Closet Evolving Challenge: Part One

Over the next month-ish we will offer you tips on how to simplify your wardrobe and hone down to your essential basics and bolds. What’s in your closet should represent who you are and where you’re headed. We partnered with our friends and closet styling experts at Fitz for this part. Enter our contest for a chance to win a free 3-hour Fitz consultation, details below.


Let’s get started…



Make the Time

No one has the time for cleaning, so you’ll need to make the time… just do it before your closet explodes! As mom says, a stitch in time saves nine, and she’s always right. We recommend three hours over the weekend. Roll back your sleeves, put some music on, and get ready to dive in.

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Phone a Friend

It sounds silly, but grab a friend. It really helps to banter with someone who knows your style and can honestly tell you that your blue dress is kinda frumpy. So, lure in a buddy with promises of rosé, bonding, and free hand-me-downs, or set up an appointment with a Fitz stylist.

What’s Your Number?

A good way to familiarize yourself with what’s in there is by counting every piece of clothing one by one. Save your undies, shoes, and accessories for later. After you’ve counted, write your starting number somewhere… try a real Post-it, your Notes app, or go big and write it on your mirror. We will reference this number at the end of the challenge.

Ask Yourself

Before deciding what stays and what goes, let’s think for a minute about your style and your clothing needs. If you work from home, your weekday and weekend wardrobes are probably one and the same. On the other hand, if you’re a lawyer your style will vary greatly depending on the day of the week. If you’re itching to change your style, make it happen! Thanks to Material World, it’s easier than ever to evolve your style. Ask yourself these questions:

How should I dress at work?

What do I feel good in on the weekends?

What do I feel comfortable in at home?

What brands do I dig?

Who is my style icon?

What do I wish I had in my closet?



Ask Your Clothes

Some items you will have to try on, but mostly you can just look at an item and you, just, know. Value your gut reaction, make decisions like a boss, and move on. If it’s been years since you wore something, chances are you will not wear it ever again. Every item should have a purpose and should make you feel good. Ask each piece these questions:

When was the last time I wore you?

Do you spark joy in my life?

Do you make me feel good?

Would I buy you today?

Can I style you differently?



Step Back and Smile

It’s important to savor the small wins. Take a moment to appreciate your progress. You may not have a Pinterest-level closet in front of you, but it’s definitely better than when you started.  Once you start, you might not stop. Organizing feels so good!



Win Prizes

You have the chance to win a free 3-hour closet consultation with a Fitz stylist! You already tell the world what you eat, what you think about our prez, and your airport woes. Now, you can tell the world what you’ve accomplished! Sharing might inspire someone else to simplify their closets and lives too.


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We crafted a closet challenge to kickstart your spring cleaning. Every other week, we’ll send you a simple task to complete in your free time. With a focus on quality, we will decrease the quantity of stuff in your closet. Participation is free and 100% up to you. It’s your closet and, remember, you’re the boss. Join our community group on Facebook to share your progress, ask questions, and offer tips on closet simplification.


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Fitz stylists are like wardrobe magicians. They, like us, believe that life is too short to stare at your closet every morning. So, they offer at-home consultations to help you figure out how to slim down your wardrobe.  At the end of a 3-hour session you will have a professionally organized closet, a bag of clothing ready for resale, and a big cheesy smile on your face.

We chatted with two Fitz stylists about how they transformed Rie’s closet.